Sunday, November 27, 2011

goodbye to the subaru

When I first met Jerry, 13 years ago, he drove a Toyota Rav 4.  After that, he had a way-too-big Toyota Four Runner, followed by two beloved BMWs.  Then, three years ago, in a moment he has since regretted, he went to a Subaru Outback.  Not that there is anything wrong with a Subaru: it's just that a BMW is a hard act to follow.

All of the above were leased, and he turns them in every three years and never looks back.  I buy a Volkswagen and keep it until it's almost dead, and even then I have a hard time saying Goodbye.  He doesn't bond with his cars like I do with mine, which makes him perfect for leasing and not buying.

Until now.  The lease on his Subaru expires this week, and he's not going to lease his next car.  He's going to buy -- can you believe it?   And he can't handle the thought of anything other than another BMW.  He's buying a two-year-old BMW and plans on hanging onto it indefinitely.

So as of this week, Jerry is going to commit to a vehicle, and we are back to being an all-German car family.   Ach der lieber!

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