Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mid-autumn sports update

The records so far of the two NFL teams that I care about:  Philadelphia Eagles have won three, lost six; Minnesota Vikings have a record of 2-7.  The other teams:  who cares, unless you happen to play Fantasy Football, which so far I have managed to avoid.  As a result, watching football this season is not taking much of my time, which is undoubtedly a good thing.

NHL Hockey:  I need to say this quick before it ends -- the Minnesota Wild are in first place in their division, and that might not last too long!  The Philadelphia Flyers are in first place in their division too, so hockey is going well at least (Too bad I hardly ever watch hockey).

The big story in NBA basketball is that there is no season so far.  The lockout continues, and nobody outside of the league itself understands what the issues are, other than that it's about money.  The two sides -- owners and players -- are still far apart in their negotiations, so there might not be any season at all.  From a personal standpoint, the good thing about that is that I will start getting refunds soon from my Timberwolves season tickets, although I do admit feeling a little sad about having no Timberwolves games to go to.

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