Friday, January 13, 2012

'heat wave' in january

This winter in Minnesota has been unbelievably kind... relatively high temps, hardly any snow.

It finally turned cold two days ago -- it feels like January, at least for a little while.

But I'm still feeling the warm afterglow of seeing Martha Reeves of the great '60s Motown girl group Martha & the Vandellas last night at the Dakota.  They sang their big hits -- "Heat Wave", "Dancing in the Street", "Nowhere to Run", "Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things", etc. as well as some newer songs.  Martha gets out of breath now after a couple songs -- she's 70 now -- but she gives it her all, and the crowd loved her.

I got to meet Martha after the show, chat a little, get my picture taken with her, I even got to kiss her.  I kinda wish I would have brought all my Martha album covers with me to be signed by her.  Maybe there will be a next time.

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Jon said...

Sounds fun! ...Now let's see the picture(s)!