Saturday, January 7, 2012

with woody and danny

I have a cold and I hardly ever have colds, so I'm finding it hard to ignore and am just giving in to it.  It's Saturday, a good day to just curl up on the couch and be a potato.

James's cousin Danny, age 19, is visiting us for two weeks and James was at work, so we found a movie on Pay-Per-View to watch -- Midnight in Paris, a Woody Allen  movie starring Owen Wilson as a character that normally Woody Allen would have played but too young for Woody Allen to actually play anymore.  It's about an American writer in Paris who has flashbacks to the "golden years" for writers and artists in Paris, the 1920s.  It' a good story, a sturdy movie for a Saturday afternoon when you're feeling a little woozy, and, who knows? maybe it will get some Oscar nominations.

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