Thursday, January 26, 2012

how James is doing

We are under the same roof and sometimes like ships passing in the night, but I had a chance to catch up with James last night, have a nice dinner, hear how he's doing.

Over the past seven months, I've needed some self-imposed reminders of what it's like to be 18 years old and some reality checks of what it must be like to be 18 in the year 2012.  Trust me on this, I'm glad I was 18 when I was rather than now.

He seems to have settled into his life as a working college student, and I keep reminding myself how far he has come since June.  He was definitely meant to be a big-city kid.  His second-semester classes are off to an excellent start, and I'm proud of how he has eased into this winter semester.  He takes 'most everything in stride, maybe better than I would if I were in his shoes.