Friday, January 6, 2012

january 6, 1989: atlantic city, new jersey

It's my sister Joan's birthday today, and, as we usually do each year, we are taking her out for dinner tonight.

I remember my favorite of Joan's birthdays (so far):  It was her 30th.  She was still living in our hometown in South Jersey, and I was visiting from Minnesota.  It was a Friday night, and just north of us there was a major snowstorm going on.  In Millville and south of us, nothing.  So Joan and I got in my rental car and headed down to Atlantic City for the evening.

Back then, the Atlantic City casinos were packed on Friday nights, but, since nobody could get down there from Philly or New York that night because of the storm, the place was dead -- which was perfect for us.  We went to Trump Castle out there on the marina (this was back when I still did Trump casinos) and had dinner at a casino steakhouse restaurant named Ivana's.  Ivana was Donald's wife several wives ago.

We were practically the only diners there, and we received amazing service.  What I most remember was the prime rib -- absolutely the best prime rib I have ever had in my life.  I can still almost taste it!

I think we even did okay in the casino that night!

I'm hoping that my little sister is having a good birthday today and that we can show her a good time tonight, but I know that she is remembering back to that 30th one too.

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