Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the upcoming baby shortage

If you're Catholic, forgive me for the following rant.  I was going to go on and on today about the Tim Tebow thing, but then I read what Pope Benedict said yesterday and it overrides even the Tebow silliness.

Per the Pope:  Gay marriage "threatens the future of humanity itself."

My first reaction:  The Pope thinks that if gay marriage is legal that it will be so appealing and irresistible that there will be no heterosexuals anymore, thus nobody left to procreate?

My second reaction:  What are all the gay Cardinals around him thinking when he is spouting this nonsense?

Tebow?  Maybe tomorrow.


ruthie said...

funny....guess no gay men are having children. Then again, catholics are against surrogacy too so it's probably not a real child in their eyes, eh?

Jon said...

Well, the world is frighteningly underpopulated, you know, so humanity's existence is already hanging by a thread. Of course it's ironic that the leader of Catholicism, probably the most corrupt and destructive institution that the world has ever known, would be passing judgment on anyone, but I wouldn't get too upset about it. Their shrinking numbers show that progress is at least being made.