Thursday, January 12, 2012

a month from today

I have mixed feelings about all this.

You know how incredibly busy I am with work from January to April.  This year, somehow, I have been talked into taking a week off during that time -- a first for me.  And it's not just a week off -- Jerry, the fast-talking salesman, talked me into going on a cruise -- another first.  I always thought I was too young to go on a cruise -- now I think maybe I'm too old... But we are going nonetheless.

So a month from today, we leave from Fort Lauderdale, Florida heading off into the Atlantic and the warm Caribbean for a week.

Whether I can relax knowing about the work flooding into my office back home is the big question.

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ruthie said...

When you have those mixed feelings, remember there are people that would almost kill to be there so enjoy it!