Friday, January 27, 2012

there are times when i'd rather be in new jersey

For instance:

I need to work part of tomorrow (Saturday), and I feel such an urge to get in my car after that and drive somewhere  -- you know, maybe do an overnight.  I still haven't given my new car a really good workout, and driving, for me, can be very therapeutic and maybe I need something therapeutic.

But there is the usual dilemma of where the heck to drive to, especially in January -- or do I just drive aimlessly?  Everything is most directions from the Twin Cities is so the same!

Minnesota and the states around here are just so f-ing BIG!  Hence -- a benefit of New Jersey -- it is so f-ing SMALL that within two or three hours of driving time there is so much to potentially experience -- and it's not all the same!

Sometimes the same is good.  Sometimes the same is a killer.


TASD said...

Hmmmm. Come to NJ?

Jon said...

That is definitely a problem with living here. My favorite drivable place is Madison, but it's almost 5 hours away and I don't know how it would be in January.

Howard said...

Let me know if you think of somewhere, Jon, or if you'd like to ride along! Not a bad idea, TASD, but I'd definitely want more than an overnight. :-)

ruthie said...

Jon was just saying he wants to see more of the US. :-) You 2 should totally go on a road trip!

Jon said...

Well, I didn't exactly say that, I only said I hadn't seen that much of it. I'd rather go to Croatia (but I don't think that will work as a road trip).