Wednesday, January 4, 2012

weaving back and forth

I was driving the freeway out to the suburbs to meet a friend for breakfast this morning and finding it remarkably easy to figure out when following a vehicle whether the driver was on his or her cell phone or even texting.. There is that weaving and erratic driving that tips me off.  Scary!

A couple more thoughts about the Iowa caucuses that happened last night, and then I'll try to be non-political for a few days...
--  It's funny that the conservative caucus-goers got so desperate for a non-Romney candidate that they ended up voting for Rick Santorum, one of the joke candidates.
--  This morning, Michele Bachmann dropped out of the race, and Rick Perry might drop out soon.  Two joke candidates gone.
--  Newt Gingrich is pissed and is looking for some revenge against Romney.  Gingrich is a jerk, but he might be fun to watch.
--  Putting it all into perspective:  The Iowa caucus every four years tends to thin out the ranks, but it's all so incredibly distorted.  Romney "won" by eight votes over Santorum. About 120,000 Republican voters went to the caucuses.  There are about 3 million people in Iowa.  There are about 300 million people in the United States.  So 4% of Iowans attended, and .04% of all Americans had a disporportionate say in which clowns move on and which clowns go home.  Democracy, anyone?

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