Sunday, January 8, 2012


Last night Jerry and I went to a party given by a friend/ex-neighbor who is into psychics, mediums, "the other side".... and Jerry is a bit into all that too.

She had invited a husband/wife psychic team to this party with the intention that whoever of the party guests wanted could have a reading and maybe a "visitor" from beyond.

Twenty-minute sessions each.

I don't particularly want to know my future or to speak to somebody who had passed, but I'm game for most anything so I went to a session with the husband-medium.

He tried so hard to convince me that there was a man over my left shoulder and a woman over my right shoulder, relatives from my past.  I have had many many relatives who have passed, but his descriptions of these two people didn't fit any of them -- although I've sort of wondered if the woman could have been my Aunt Stella.

Their fairly general words of wisdom for me:  Keep doing what I'm doing -- meaning, don't retire (which I can't do anyway) -- and take a winter vacation this year (which I never do up til now but have already planned for this winter).

But I'm wondering, if we are dealing in twenty-minute intervals, how do the spirits get in and out of the room so fast?  Maybe I got stuck with the leftover spirits from the previous person!

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