Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the other iowans

This evening, finally, those Iowa Republican caucuses are taking place, and I keep thinking what a negative impression of Iowa the world by now must have of Iowa. I mean, considering the voters that the Republican candidates seem to be targeting, you'd think that Iowans are uneducated, intolerant, racist and, well, kind of stupid.  And that's not true at all.  Iowa is a pretty cool, progressive state.  It's just the majority of tonight's caucus-goers who seem to be uneducated, intolerant, racist and, well, kind of stupid.

Pity the rest of the state's citizens.  They've been bombarded with awful negative attack ads on TV and have had to put up with the disruption of their lives by obnoxious campaigners.  They'll be glad to see the campaign move on to New Hampshire.

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