Friday, June 17, 2011

time to go under the knife

Before they come to take me away and before these latest drugs kick in, let me get a quick blog post under my belt...

(No food or drink has been allowed since midnight, so of course I'm very thirsty...  Some apple juice would sure by nice...!)

... and my brain is surprisingly blank.  Maybe I've made peace with all this.  I just hope I start feeling normal again before too long. 

Jerry is coming before too long to pick up my laptop, my cell phone, my iPod... Things apparently disappear for hospital patients sometimes.  My brother, Ronnie, a few days before he died in that hospital in NJ, had his iPod stolen.  What kind of person would steal from such a patient as sick as he was?

... anyway, I must say that the service here in this hospital is great.  I'm falling in love with all of my nurses,  but it sure will be nice to leave them, too.

Uh-oh, time for another blood draw.  Then, who knows what.


Anonymous said...

so...are you at abbott?


ruthie said...

yes he is at abbott

Howard said...

Vickie -- yes, i'm at Abbott, your old stomping grounds... Nice hospital!