Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the 27th year and counting

I visited a client of mine, Walt, today.  He's in a nursing home/rehab center today over in Wisconsin, and he just found out, much to his happiness, that he's going home tomorrow.  He's one of those clients that I've had for 27 years, that I've watched grow old and frail.  Every year he updates me on the parts of his body that are failing him and that "this might be the last year I'm around"  (He started saying that about ten years ago).  Meanwhile, in between those gloomy predictions, he always has jokes to tell me -- some clean, some not -- and I'd pass on to you the one he told me today if I could remember it all (He tends to tell long, rambling jokes). Having a laugh with him is what we both needed.  Go home and get well, Walt.

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