Thursday, September 29, 2011

football in minnesota

Jerry went to the Vikings game this past Sunday with his friend Jean, who has had season tickets forever (Watching the Vikings this year is very painful, but that's another story [They are 0-3]).  A woman who has a seat near Jean's is the ultimate Vikings fan:  all the purple gear, the horns, and is very enthusastic, cheering on her team.  Well, at this game there was somebody seating behind her who didn't appreciate all that enthusiasm, so that person complained to security that the fan was disturbing her enjoyment of the game, and a security idiot actually came down to the Vikings fan and gave her a verbal warning to tone it down.

What??  This is an NFL football game, not somebody's living room.  This woman was not being abusive, vulgar, obscene, any of that.  She was doing what football fans are supposed to be doing -- making noise and standing when people in front of her stand up.  The team doesn't want quiet, placid fans in the stands.  Can you imagine security people at a Philadelphia Eagles game or a New York Jets game telling fans to tone it down?

The Vikings fan Sunday apparently did not tone it down enough, and she then received a written warning about it from security.  I'm serious.

Meanwhile, the efforts to get a new Vikings stadium, which the team owners are demanding and really do need to be competitive, are stalled, and this could potentially be the last year of a Minnesota Vikings team.  Next year everybody might all be watching football undisturbed in our living rooms.

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D. A. Dixon said...

A written warning? How would that be enforced? Did they take her info? Just an odd story. Warning a fan over should see some of the crowds I've been in.