Thursday, September 15, 2011

not all the jobs went to china

Yesterday morning, I dropped off some of my dress shirts at the dry cleaner's shop in the skyway nearby.  This shop is part of a chain, but the usual lady working there is fun, and we always kid around a bit.  But this time the counter was turned around and the wall was torn up and something just wasn't right.  "Remodeling? A new look?" I asked.  She told me that what they are doing is making this drop-off/pick-up spot automated, which somehow means that a person won't need to work there anymore -- somehow it will all be done by computer.  So my friendly dry-cleaners lady will be out of a job.

Manufacturing jobs in this country are long gone, replaced to some degree by lesser-paying service industry jobs, and now companies are finding ways to eliminate a lot of those too, I guess. It's hard to imagine what's going to improve the unemployment rates any time soon.

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