Friday, September 9, 2011

sitting in traffic with the cabin people

I needed to drive into the northern suburbs to a client's office this afternoon, about 3 o'clock, and was surprised how congested the streets downtown and the freeway going north was at that time of day.  I was literally at a dead stop for parts of that drive, and I'm thinking, Why is this?  And it occurred to me, it's a Friday afternoon of a weekend that is predicted to be gorgeous.. People have left work early, and many of these people are heading for "the cabin" up north.

A guy asked me today if I had a cabin.  I said, No.  He asked if I golfed.  I said No.  "Then you sail?"  he asked.

No, I'm a person who will be out on his patio right here in the middle of the city, relaxing.  No cabin to maintain, no golf clubs to lug around in the hot sun, no sails to hoist.

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