Friday, September 16, 2011

escapes and rewards

wow, a wild and crazy week at the office... but did I tell we're going to Las Vegas next week, Monday through Thursday...?  It's coming at a good time.  I need something.

oh, here's something for you:  There is a group at the church that meets every six weeks, sort of a Piano Club, where they get together and play for each other and challenge themselves to develop their skills by working on difficult pieces, pieces that are a stretch.  Well, I decided to attend last night, with the intent of maybe becoming way less of a lazy pianist.  I love my piano, it provides great escape for me as I play for my own amusement, but I find myself just playing the same things over and none of them are particularly challenging.  I know I was a more skillful piano player at age 18 than I am now, and I've decided to work on doing something about that.  Now let me go through my music and find something to work on for the next meeting........

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