Sunday, September 25, 2011

oh! i forgot to tell you the scott joplin story!

I told you in my September 16th blog post about the Piano Club I went to, then the next day I told you about my good friend Elke in Germany and how well we know each other.  But listen to this...

At the Piano Club meeting, the members were playing mostly Beethoven sonatas and such, and for some reason a lady asked me if I ever played any Scott Joplin music.  Scott Joplin was a composer of mostly "Ragtime" music back around the beginning of the 20th century.  I told her I used to play one of his songs, "The Entertainer" (which was the theme music for the Paul Newman/Robert Redford movie The Sting back in the 70s), otherwise no.  She told me she loves playing Scott Joplin and that I should buy a Scott Joplin music book and especially learn to play "Maple Leaf Rag".  I nodded and said I might do that.

Here is the weird part of this story.  Elke, in her email the next day, told me that, in going through her late mother's things, she had found a book of Scott Joplin piano music, and would I like for her to send it to me?

How the heck did she know??  We have never mentioned Scott Joplin to each other -- who thinks about Scott Joplin? -- and I had no idea that her mom had ever even had any piano music.

Coincidence?  Or eerie transatlantic vibes?

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Jon said...

That IS weird! But don't ever mention "The Entertainer" to me! I get it stuck in my head for days every time I hear it! Oh, and the first place I ever heard that song? At the house of some babysitter I had in Mankato when I was 3 years old! (How do I remember these things?)