Sunday, September 18, 2011

our modern family

I'm sitting here in the living room.  I obviously have my laptop going as I write to you good people.  Next to me is my niece Ruthie, who is on her laptop too.  On the other side of me is my nephew James, who just finished his homework on Jerry's laptop.  On his other side is Jerry, who now has his laptop back from James.  And in front of us is our widescreen TV, tuned into the Emmy Awards (and occasionally flipping over to the Eagles game)... I mean, really, how pathetic are we?  ... and we find ourselves rooting for certain TV shows -- especially Big Bang Theory (Jerry, Ruthie and me) or Glee (James), but the comedy awards are all going to Modern Family, a show that none of us watch.

But my stuff is all ready to be packed... Jerry and I leave for Las Vegas in the morning, and I am SO in the mood to be gone... as you know.

OH!  Remind me to tell you the Scott Joplin story!  But the pizza guy just arrived... and I think somebody just texted me...

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