Friday, September 2, 2011

any big plans for the weekend?

Is this a Minnesota thing?  I wish I had a nickel for every time each week that somebody asks me that question -- "Any big plans for the weekend?"

.. And how do you answer?

What is "big", anyway?

.. And if you answer "No", do they feel sorry for you, that you have such a pathetic small life?  Or should we relish those weekends when there are no big plans -- when the weekend is a clean slate and anything is possible -- maybe even just a nap?

Or are people just that desperate for a topic of conversation?

The three-day weekend begins now.  Labor Day is Monday.  I hope you have some big plans or at least that you had a good answer when asked.


ruthie said...

my answer is extremely pathetic and sad. I couldn't even twist it to make it sound even somewhat interesting. Hope you have a good weekend!

Jon said...

I'm late catching up on these last few posts, but thank you! I hate that question! And I usually hate when my weekends are all planned out before they even start anyway... which might seem odd coming from me, since I'm usually a planner, but a weekend that's already spoken for makes me feel too claustrophobic.