Thursday, September 8, 2011

calamari and the boy

James (remember him?), when he moved here in June, had never heard of calamari, and, since he comes from a family not exactly known for being adventurous in trying new foods, I give him credit for even considering it.  A lot of people, especially when they find out that calamari is squid, won't even think of trying it.

... but we might have created a monster.  Now he is obsessed with calamari -- it might be his new favorite food.  Today he discovered the best calamari that he has had so far -- at Zelo's restaurant over there on Nicollet Mall, downtown Minneapolis.  I took him there for lunch today, and he was so crazy about the calamari that he asked the waiter to give his compliments to the chef.  I'm sure the waiter was thinking, who is this kid?

... and tonight he wanted to celebrate that he had auditioned into the Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus... so where did he want to go?  Back to Zelo's for more calamari. That was his whole meal. Oh geez, help us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I could even watch someone eat that....yuuukkk