Wednesday, September 28, 2011

billy clubs, tear gas, pepper spray

Pay attention to the Wall Street protestors.  They have been demonstrating against corporate greed and social inequality for the past week in Lower Manhattan and have hunkered down in a park somewhere near Wall Street.  It is a peaceful group, and their concerns are legitimate, and if I were nearby I might be joining them.

But police brutality has been raising its ugly head.  Some of the cops are beating up and arresting people in an unnecessary over-reaction.  The cops of course would say they have good reason, but, unfortunately for them, these are 2011 protestors, which means they are carrying cameras and cell phones, catching the unprovoked abuse on video, all of which inspires sympathizers to join the protestors.

The reason to pay attention:  You are going to see lots more of this.  A movement is coming -- my fearless prediction -- and there will be efforts to repress it, and the repression will strengthen the movement, and who knows where that leads.  Class warfare could start doing a turnaround.

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