Tuesday, September 20, 2011

old and youngstown

It's Day 2 in Las Vegas.... Jerry wants to have dinner downstairs at a Japanese restaurant, but it occurred to me that I hadn't blogged yet today, so I had to leave the casino and come up and say Hello to you all before we eat.

This is actually the first time I've been back in the room all day, which is kind of a shame because it's a fantastic room.. The Aria, where we are staying, is maybe the newest of the Vegas super-hotels, very futuristic, very high-tech, we love it...

... but we spent a good part of the day downtown, downtown being "old" Las Vegas vs. The Strip, where we mostly are and where most of the action is.  But we do like downtown too -- it kind of brings  us back into the real world a little -- it's a lot grittier than this pretend-world out here.

Speaking of gritty, our taxi driver this morning lives here in Las Vegas, but he's originally from Youngstown, Ohio, and we talked about what a disaster Youngstown has become. It's one of the cities that makes the bottom of the Money magazine "best cities to live in" annual list.  It's become a city that the United States should have taken better care of and might be a picture of what a lot of American cities will look like before long.  Which isn't to imply that Las Vegas isn't hurting economically too, but it's a whole different kind of hurt.  An uptick in the economy isn't going to help Youngstown.

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