Saturday, September 3, 2011

'the help', the book

Last month while we were in New Jersey, we went to see the movie The Help, which has been the #1 movie in the country the past several weeks.  It's a good film, and we liked it.  It's unusual for me to read a book after I've seen the movie, but then a couple weeks ago I saw it downstairs in the condo library and started reading it and found it hard to put down, even though I already knew the story.

The story is about black maids working for white families in Missisippi, early '60s, just as the civil rights movement was making a difference, and the relationships between them.  It's hard to believe the legalized racism , the separation of the races and the overt hatred that was prevalent and vocalized in this country, especially in the Deep South, even in my lifetime.  There are still plenty of racists in this country all these years later, it's just different:  a bit more subtle but transparent.  Pay attention to the right-wing buzz words.

Read the book.  See the movie.  They are imperfect, but they help some of us remember.


Jon said...

People vote for the Tea Party, and you think legalized racism seems like a foreign concept?

Howard said...

The big difference is that now they publicly profess NOT to be racist.